Rose Ballard


Paul Suttles

Rose Ballard and Paul Suttles

We like each other.

A lot. In fact, we like each other so much we want you to join us while we celebrate how much we like each other!

How'd it all start? Before crossing paths, we both moved to Austin to pursue our careers in architecture and design, enjoy beautiful sunsets, adventures, and tacos. We got even more than we bargained for when we met 4 years ago at work. (Well, technically, at an Aloe Blacc concert outside of work during Paul's first week.) After a summer of becoming friends, we both knew that our adventures were meant to continue together and we've been inseparable since. We have literally and figuratively climbed mountains together and are so excited for the road ahead!

On December 23rd, 2016 on a trip to visit family for the holidays, Paul was behind the scenes planning a big question for Rose. Under the snowy wet sky, and glowing backdrop of the Art Institute of Chicago, Paul proposed and Rose said YES! And as love would have it, a stranger passing by captured the moment with a photo!

We are so excited to celebrate our biggest adventure yet with our family and friends!
Ann Gardner